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We strive to find the best.

Vertico Human Capital is a human capital consulting firm specialized in executive-level recruiting spanning multiple industries and careers.

Our DNA can be summed up in one word: simplicity.

Innovation is an important component of our search processes and methodology. Each recruiting assignment is tailored according to the specific needs of our clients. We strive to be assertive, punctual and efficient.

Recruiting doesn’t need to be complicated and bureaucratic.

Our objective is to serve our clients through a customized, modern and agile methodology.

Simple, objective,
uncomplicated and global.

We conduct searches in all of the Brazilian territory, but our footprint is global.

We are proud to be the first Latin American partner of Talentor.
Through the network we are able to offer our services throughout North America, Europe and Asia.


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Meet Some of Our Clients

Jonathan and his team are assertive, professional, understand what it takes and have a thorough understanding of the market.

Milena Brentan


As a candidate, I viewed Vertico as a partner and was kept well informed throughout the entire search process. Now as a client, they have helped me build my team. Vertico has an excellent network of relationships and a real understanding of digital businesses/start-ups.

Ricardo Leite


"Acesso was in need of a C-level technology leader and Vertico surprised us with its speed, methodology, and sensibility to hear out all those involved in the decision making process. The company's knowledge of the Fintech landscape also aided the search as the candidates all had prior experience or knowledge in relevant industries. Finally, all those who are part of team Vertico were extremely attentive to our needs. They were available at odd hours of the day and were flexible in terms of channels of communication. This helped us land an ideal candidate for the CTO role."

Debora Barbosa

Head of HR at Acesso Card

A team ready to make a difference.

Jonathan Yung

Managing Partner

Adriana Dantas


Daniela Herscovici


Giorgia Bossi

Head of Research

Rafael Fingergut


Maria João Reis

Desirée Machado

Beatriz Lyrio

Livia Ambariantz

Helena Azzari

Mikaela Andrade

Aline Andrade

Leandro Lima

Andressa Balieiro

Carina Rice

Isabella Conrado

Making it happen.

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Our commitment todiversity, equity and inclusion

At Vertico Human Capital, we connect our clients with specialized and engaged talent committed to strengthening your business. We embrace plurality, diversity and equity as central pillars of our processes and services, and we support our clients so they may create, within their own companies, spaces that honor these causes. Diversity is the essence of work and, as such, we have an internal goal that, at least, 40% of our hired candidates come from groups that are underrepresented in the market. We’re not quite there yet, but we are on our way!

We believe that people, regardless of their social identifiers, visible and invisible characteristics, or social context in which they are inserted, should have the freedom, autonomy and welcoming space to be who they are and have equal access to professional opportunities. We take on the responsibility of creating bridges between individuals who, due to countless structural barriers, have not had access to opportunities in the corporate world. Connection, after all, is our biggest strength. We are committed to using our influence to amplify these voices, and to supporting our clients and partners that also feel called to take on this commitment.

We do this by:

We are empathetic: we ensure our processes stem from our clients’ specific and real needs, considering their context, objectives are structure. We evaluate candidates with the same care. We focus on people, always.

We are collaborative: team comes first! Thinking collectively takes us further. We all take part in every Vertico process, from high strategy to doing company dishes – ZERO FRESCURA POR AQUI. We stay humble.

We are transparent: with ourselves, our clients, and our candidates. We prioritize honesty and simplicity, and are oriented by goals and objectives, and seeking uncomplicated and pragmatic paths of achieving them. Whenever possible, we are oriented by data and statistics to ensure effective results.

We are inclusive: through our products, we create environments that allow people to be their full selves in an authentic way. As such, we encourage actions that render tangible and structural results within companies, embracing challenges that come with necessary change.

The path of building a welcoming culture that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion within companies, and, more broadly, within our society, is arduous and involves constant learning and exchanging. However, it is necessary, and, above all, it is right. We are engaged in guaranteeing this conversation spreads and grows, amplifying voices that have been kept away from important discussions and strategic decisions in the past.

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